La Zubia

La Zubia originated during the Arab domination of the area, the name comes from Az-Zuwia, meaning 'retirement'. Its privileged location in the entrance area of the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada caused it to quickly become a focus of interest. It was inhabited throughout history by Romans, Arabs and Christians who have left some of its cultural legacy.

There are many attractions in La Zubia worth visiting if you're in the area:

- Old Arab baths

From the twelfth century in poor condition and located within a private property.

- Arab irrigation ditches and reservoirs

Walking the streets of the town we find the remains and ruins of the mill Molino de Cantares.

- Oak of La Zubia

This 700 years old oak is situated in the centre of town. A natural heritage and monument that has lived much of the history of the place.

- Caves of Zubia

Among the caves that we can visit in La Zubia are found Cueva de la Paloma and Cueva del Moro, both situated in Barranco de Corvales.

Excursions from La Zubia

From La Zubia we have access to the 19 sections of the trail network Sulayr (original name of Sierra Nevada which means Mountain of the Sun).

Walking routes

From La Zubia we take the road up to the urbanization Cumbres Verdes where we will have access to a forest trail which can be travelled by car along 10 km and which leads to the trail Sendero Sulayr and the forest house La Cortijuela where is the start of our tour.

From the visitors centre "Dornajo" – Forest house "La Cortijuela"

Departing from forest house we ascend the forest track to Collado Martin from where we descend to the river Dilar.

After crossing the river by a bridge we take the left path that ascends for about 6 km and along which we will find ruins of cottages and remnants of other agricultural activities in the past.

The route will take us across the river Durcal which we find when leaving the area of Dilar and enter the municipality of Durcal, where we descend along the river.

After several crossings we pass by Fuente Fria, very close to our destination, where we find a fork in the road; the right one descends to the village Nigüelas and the left ascends through the remains of a farmhouse up to the hill from where we can take stunning photographs of the natural environment around us.

Length: 14,7 kilometres
Journey time: About 5 hours.
Difficulty: High
Tip: It can be done on foot or by bike and starts at "La Cortijuela"

La Cortijuela
Collado de Matas Verdes
Robledar de la Mojonera
Cortijo de Diechar
Collado de las Viboras
Pista de San Jeronimo

Forest house "La Cortijuela" - Rinconada de Nigüelas

This wonderful walk near the river Monachil offers beautiful views of the riverbed and the mountains. From the forest track San Jeronimo we descend along 6 kilometres to the river, if we are going towards La Zubia; coming from there the route would be the opposite.

Part of this route was the usual way for the Icemen, who transported snow from the summits to trade with in the city.

During the tour we will find the Cortijo de San Jeronimo, the place through which have passed numerous adventurers and botanists throughout the nineteenth century, situated close to the river Monachil (river with its source in Pico del Veleta).

Next to La Cortijuela is situated the Botanical Garden, and the forest trail linking the route with La Zubia.

Length: 19,4 kilometres
Journey time: About 6 hours.
Difficulty: High
Tip: It can be done on foot or by bike and starts in La Cortijuela.

Itinerary from La Zubia:
La Cortijuela
Collado de Matas Verdes
Collado de las Viboras
Pista de San Jeronimo

How to get to La Zubia

From Granada (how to get to Granada) we pass along the Park Garcia Lorca to the south on the highway A-44, taking the Ronda Sur (Southern Ring road) where we see the signs indicating the route to take to get to La Zubia and Monachil.

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