The Mulhacen is the highest peak in the peninsula and one of the main destinations for hikers who want to enjoy breath-taking views of the area. It's located in the Sierra Nevada National Park, near Güejar, Capileira and Trevelez. The name comes from a Moorish king of Granada from the fifteenth century who is said to have been buried on the mountain, Mulay Hasan.

Ascent to Mulhacen

If we want to plan an ascent to Mulhacen, the best season to do this is summer since both wind and snow can quite hinder our ascent reaching temperatures up to -20º C in winter.

We can ascend to Mulhacen on several of its sides, the south side being perhaps one of the easiest, without too many challenges. The west side can represent a greater effort for being steeper, but it is still just as easy.

For more experienced climbers both North and East side presented an interesting challenge.

To climb the peak, we can start from the villages of Capileira or Trevelez. The route can be completed in one day, but if we want to, we can camp in Siete Lagunas or spend the night in the shelter of Poqueira.

If we choose to start from Sierra Güejar have the option to spend the night in Cueva Secreta, from where we depart the next day after having passed next to Laguna de la Mosca a pretty tough climb.

Minibus to Mulhacen

If we want to facilitate our tour to a great extent we can take the minibus from Capileira, a conveyance provided by the Sierra Nevada National Park and which includes a guide; the journey will take us to the viewpoint of Trevelez, a place from where it is not too hard to reach the summit where we will be picked up later by the same minibus that will leave us in the place of departure.

Another option of shared transport to Mulhacen is to take the bus that leaves from the highest point of the ski resort and which allows us a more complicated route than the previous one, recommended for those who already have experience and which also can be done during the winter using the lifts instead of taking the bus.

If we are to make use of the minibus we have to previously book as places are limited.

Classic route to Mulhacen

The following route may not be the easiest; always remember that we are at an altitude of more than 3000 meters, so if you are not accustomed you could suffer what known as altitude sickness. Also vertigo sufferers might struggle along a narrow path, which is equipped with everything necessary to feel safe.

The tour can start at Hoya Mora, you can also take a minibus that takes you to the place known as 'Posiciones del Veleta' (The phone to reserve a seat on the minibus is: 630 95 97 39).

This route does not pass along any spring, thus it is recommended to bring water.

The itinerary of the route is as follows:

Posiciones del Veleta

These ancient fortifications of the civil war mark the beginning of our route.

Refugio la Carihuela

From this point we can see our goal, the Mulhacen.

Paso de las Cadenas

This section is not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo as there is a steep drop. We will cross clinging to chains embedded in the wall of the path.

Collado del Lobo

With fantastic panoramic views this is the perfect place to take some photos.

La Puerta

From this point we can again enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the lagoons of Rio Seco

Refugio Cuatro Vientos

Already located above the lagoon la Caldera we arrive at Refugio Cuatro Vientos with simply spectacular views.

Collado de la Mosca

One of the options for the ascent to Mulhacen; from this place we will have nice views to take pictures of Laguna de la Mosca.

The final climb is the hardest of the tour, but definitely it will be worthwhile to observe the landscape from the summit.

Linear Route
Difficulty: Medium-High
Length: 22 kilometres
Cumulated vertical height: 1100 meters
Route time: 9 hours approximately
Starting point: We park the car near the Hostel Albergue Universitario from where we can continue to walk or take the bus.

How to get to Hoya Mora and Albergue Universitario

We have to drive from Malaga to Granada and take the direction to Genil on the A-395 road until we see the sign that indicates the direction to Güejar Sierra and Veleta.

If needed, you can check the prices for car hire in Malaga with GPS or print this map with the route from Malaga to Borreguiles, Hoya Mora and Albergue Universitario.

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