Your must-visit in Malaga: The Bodega El Pimpi

You don’t necessarily have to be a wine lover with a taste for the delicious Malaga wines with denomination of origin to visit El Pimpi.

This unique place located in the heart of the historic centre of Malaga is also worth a visit if you prefer a coke or if you are vegetarian and organic, but be warned, its main dishes are its hams and wines, but there is much more!

Iberian Chestnut Ham
Freshly cut Iberian Chestnut Ham

Come with us to discover this charming winery that celebrated its 50th anniversary last August 2021.

Why you should visit El Pimpi

As we stroll through the intricate streets of the old town of Malaga, in Calle Granada we pass one of these facades that do not attract so much attention, and surely more than one has already passed by this charming and welcoming Bodega.

el pimpi

Its Uniqueness

As we enter through the narrow entrance, we begin to perceive the uniqueness of this old 18th century building, with its charming corners and interior courtyards.

The walls of the bodega are decorated with old posters of fairs and bullfighting festivals.

el pimpi
Years of history at El Pimpi

Despite the fact that, due to its popularity, El Pimpi receives a large number of visitors and tourists every day, it has managed to maintain its unique character, tradition and Andalusian culture.

In El Pimpi we can enjoy exquisite local gastronomy and the wines of the denomination of origin Malaga, the extra virgin olive oil first pressing, the tomato “huevo de toro”, the chestnut ham or the sweet wine of muscatel grape.

Meeting point for celebrities

Along with its charming location and good food, what makes El Pimpi unique is that since its beginnings it has been a meeting point for celebrities.

On the walls next to the bar, we can find a huge number of photos of people who have enjoyed an evening here, such as Sean Connery, John Malkovich, Tony Blair, the Duchess of Alba, the Picasso family, the Queen of Bhutan, the singer Alaska or the band Maná among others.

el pimpi
Photos of clients Photo Jorge Tutor

On about 40 barrels there are signatures of poets, actors and musicians, among them also Antonio Banderas, a native of Malaga – who has a special affection for this Bodega as you will see later on – or the Baroness Carmen Thyssen.

antonio banderas, el pimpi
Antonio Banderas signing a barrel

It is therefore not surprising that a large number of people pass through the Bodega every day to visit the place; especially in the morning there are usually more tourists, while in the afternoon/evening the atmosphere is more Malagueño.

By the way, El Pimpi has two entrances: the original one is from Calle Granada. Now we can also access the Bodaga from the most important tourist spot in Malaga, Alcazabilla Street next to the Picasso Museum, the Alcazaba and the Roman Theatre.

el pimpi
Terrace of El Pimpi with the Alcazaba in the background

At El Pimpi they have managed to combine tradition with this distinctive cosmopolitan touch. There is no tablecloth on the tables, you eat directly on the wood, but with first class service and excellent treat.

la sole
La Sole

Next to the original El Pimpi is an annex building that now houses “La Sole del Pimpi“, a restaurant that mixes cocktails and sushi with local products.


la sole

Own organic vegetable garden

But there’s more: El Pimpi has its own organic vegetable garden that supplies the entire bodega, the Huerta del Paraíso located in the Guadalhorce Valley, working naturally, without pesticides.

pepe cobos, el pimpi
Pepe Cobos, one of the founders, in the organic vegetable garden.

Did you know that…?

What does Pimpi mean?

Historically, the term referred to young boys who helped sailors arriving in the port to find taverns and female company and later the Pimpi were young guys who helped unload ships and accompanied tourists from the port to see the city; a sort of all-purpose errand boy and something like the first touristic guides.

El Pimpi reached space

A group of employees of the winery paid tribute to El Pimpi, raising a doll with its image with a latex balloon and a camera that has recorded the whole journey, up to the stratosphere at 40,000 metres.

Antonio Banderas is a partner of El Pimpi

The Malaga-born actor’s affection for this winery goes back many years to when he shot some scenes for a film there. Nowadays he is even a partner of the bodega.

By the way, he lives right next door, in the same building that houses La Sole, he has a penthouse and can see El Pimpi from his terrace, where he often goes to have a glass of wine or lunch with his family.

From El Pimpi to your home

During the Covid situation El Pimpi also reinvented itself by adding a new offer, bringing its fresh and seasonal products home.

This service is operating for Malaga city only, due to the huge popularity.

Ordering hours for both El Pimpi and La Sole are from Tuesday to Sunday from 13:00 to 16:00 and from 20:00 to 23:00.

el pimpi

Location & reservations

How to get there:

El Pimpi is located in Calle Granada (with terrace and exit to Calle Alcazabilla), in the historic centre of Malaga, next to the Picasso Museum, the Alcazaba and the Roman Theatre.

Opening hours: Everyday from 12:00 to 00:00
Contact: 952 228 990 / 952 225 403

When we arrive at peak times, queues are the norm.
To avoid queues, we recommend to book by email at


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