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Situated on the Costa de la Luz and belonging to the region of La Janda, this picturesque village of Cadiz is the ideal place to enjoy the good fried fish during the summer. Conil has an infrastructure prepared for the tourism and thanks to its situation near the Atlantic coast and its proximity to the capital city, it’s the chosen destination by thousands of tourists every year.


conil,cadiz villagesThey have found remains that date the first human presence in the area of Conil back to the prehistoric period, although the city was founded by the Phoenicians who made use of the proximity to the sea for fishing and trading. The arrival of the romans gave importance to Conil as it was part of the Via Herculean and also joined the cities of Cadiz and Malaga.

The fall of the roman empire and the arrival of the barbarians sank Conil into darkness until the arrival of the Arabs in the year 711. During the Muslim kingdom throughout the whole al-Andalus they permitted the freedom of cult, mixing Christians, Jews and Muslims in a pacific coexistence where the culture, the art and the advances were the main objective.

During the year 1265, Conil was conquered by the Christians, who added “de la Frontera” to its name as it separated the Christian kingdom from the Muslim. The well-known Tower of Guzman was built in the late 13th century to defend the city in case of attack.

After the conquest of al-Andalus there began to be territorial disputes between important families of Conil, this, added to the abuse of the nobles to whom the lands were adjudicated after the conquest, brought a deep crisis and discomfort that ended up in confrontation, although the situation did not resolve and the lands are still today in the hands of the same families.

Tourism and top things to do

Fishing and agriculture have always, since long ago, Conil’s economic engine, however as from the 20th century the tourism began to gain importance, it’s the municipality where many Spanish families and from other places in Europe decide to spend their holidays during the summer.

- The beaches of Conil are one of the strong points in this municipality.
- Defensive towers on the coast that were used to defend against possible pirate attacks.
- Tower of Guzman: built in the late 13th century with the aim of defence. - Puerta de la Villa
- Museum of Conil: Hosts a great collection on the roots of Conil.
- The Port.

Another of the things that you can do while you visit Conil is enjoy its rich gastronomy:

- Fried fish - Grilled Gilt Head Bream
- Calamari of Conil - Grilled or Onioned Tuna
- Hot Gazpacho (generally the gazpacho in Andalusia is served cold)
- Tomato soup
- Seasoned potatoes and carrots

In Conil de la Frontera we can also enjoy a few local festivities:

- Virgen del Carmen, a traditional religious celebration of the fishermen who carry a religious figure out to see in fishing boats, is celebrated on the 16th of July.
- Spring fair of El Colorado: During the first week of June they celebrate the spring fair with typical dishes and horses. - Carnival of costumes and dances.
- Semana Santa (Holy Week): They organise processions carrying religious figures through the streets of the village.
- San Juan: They make bonfires on the beach at night to celebrate the arrival of the summer.
- Night of the Birds: During the night of the 31st of October the people camp in the pine woods, this festivity comes from when in the olden days birds would be hunted during the daytime.

How to get to Conil

To get to Conil from Malaga we must take the Mediterranean motorway to Algeciras, we continue bordering the coast and we head towards Tarifa from where we’ll continue along the N-340 until reaching Conil passing by Vejer de la Frontera. You can hire a car in Malaga with GPS if you need help to get to Conil from Malaga.

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