San Fernando

A town to take a walk and discover Plazas and Alamedas, located in the heart of the Bay of Cadiz, which offers visitors a natural beach and great hospitality by their inhabitants.

San Fernando has a pleasant climate which allows enjoying its beaches for much of the year and also offers the opportunity to enjoy numerous hiking routes and excursions to other parts of the province.


The origins of the town date back many centuries ago; there have been found remains of Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs which show a pottery industry.

After the Phoenician defeat at the hands of the Carthaginians followed the Romans, the barbarian invasions, Muslims and Christians, who conquered the Bay of Cadiz and San Fernando in the middle of the thirteenth century.

San Fernando has the privilege of being the place where the first submarine in the world was launched created by Isaac Peral. During those times, the second republic proclaimed throughout Spain had brought a good quality of life and growth, which unfortunately was stopped with the coup and the country's entry into a dictatorship.

Currently San Fernando is a modern town with many monuments to visit.

Things to do

Very close to San Fernando, on the island of Sancti Petri the Phoenicians after its colonization built a temple, according to the legend on top of holy relics and the remains of the hero Hercules. In this temple Julio Cesar dreamed of the domination of the known world and it was also the place from where started Hannibal looking to conquer Rome.

The Arabs destroyed the temple in their pursuit of fantastic treasures of which the legends spoke but could not find anything. Later Christians would build in that space Sancti Petri Castle during the year 1717 to control the entry of ships and which now you can visit.

Phoenician Kilns
Of Phoenician and Carthaginian origin, these ovens were used to make pottery works and are dating from the third century BC.

Neolithic village Camposoto

Zuazo bridge of Roman origin although the present structure dates from the late Middle Ages.

Watchtowers built around the seventeenth century, had the task of monitoring the coast and prevent attack by pirates.

Municipal Historical Museum
This museum displays vestiges found in San Fernando and that tell the history of the place.

Naval Museum
Remains, models and other objects from the old Spanish navy.

Culture, festivals and gastronomy in San Fernando

Depending on the date you choose to visit this town of Cadiz you´ll find different typical celebrations you might find interesting.

Night of San Juan
This celebration of the arrival of summer is the date when the fair is held in the Neighbourhood Caseria de Ossio with small stalls and booths.

Celebration of Tosantos
The last Friday of October, this festival takes place in the food market, during which are adorned the stalls of traders.

Among the typical dishes of San Fernando you can find some specialties as Bienmesabe, shrimp fritters, noodles with Mackerel and salted Dorada fish.

How to get to San Fernando

To get to San Fernando from Malaga you have several options; one is driving along the coast of Cadiz passing through Tarifa and Algeciras; the other and shorter option is driving across the Natural Park of Alcornocales and another route consists in bordering the Park in the north.

If you need a car with GPS for your journey or you want to consult the price of a taxi from Malaga, do not hesitate to contact us.

In the map below you will see in detail the chosen route:

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