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medina sidonia cathedral malaga villages andalusia spain This municipality located in the province of Cadiz has two different areas; one of rainfed crops and another that includes the Natural Park of Alcornocales, which is ideal for nature lovers.

Undoubtedly Medina Sidonia is a place we recommend to visit and within a 2 hour´s drive of Malaga, very easily accessible by road if you have rented a car upon arrival at the airport.

History of Medina Sidonia

medina sidona walls malaga villages andalusia spainThe area comprising Medina Sidonia has been inhabited since prehistoric times, although it was not until the arrival of the Phoenicians when they established the first known population and gave it the same name as their place of origin, "Sidon".

With the arrival of the Romans in the third century BC began the construction of what is now the Old Town area of Medina Sidonia. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the city was temporarily occupied by the Visigoths until in 712 it was conquered by the Arabs after entering the south of the peninsula.

Finally the city was conquered by Christian armies and was a border area with the Moorish kingdom of Granada.

medina sidonia town council malaga villages andalusia spainMonuments in Medina Sidonia

The cultural legacy left by all civilizations that have passed through the area has left monuments and places we recommend to visit in Medina Sidonia:

Roman archaeological compound
Roman bridges and roadway
XVI buildings like the town hall and the stables of the Duke

Castle of Medina Sidonia

Castle of Torrestrella from the XIII century

Ancient walls that protected the city

There are also several religious buildings built after the conquest by the Christians to indoctrinate the conquered population.

Fairs and Events

In Medina Sidonia there are many festivals and events, so we will highlight some of the most popular:

The cattle fair is one of the oldest in Andalusia, originally from the XIII century.

This feast of probably of Sumerian origin survived the Egyptians and Romans through the centuries to the present. In Medina Sidonia it is characterized by food tasting and costume partys.

Holy Week (Easter)
Introduced by Christians after the conquest, this celebration is quite popular; it features wooden figures dating from the seventeenth century which are carried through the streets of Medina Sidonia.

Open Day
During several days there is installed a craft market in the main square of the town and there take place numerous events such as concerts, children's activities, etc. We highlight guided tours of the monuments and tourist attractions where you get to know a little more about the history of Medina Sidonia.

How to get to Medina Sidonia

To reach Medina Sidonia you should take the Mediterranean motorway towards Cadiz. After passing through Marbella, Estepona and La Linea, you come to a fork where you can choose to cross the Natural Park of Alcornocales or continue along the coast and through Tarifa.

In the map below you can see more clearly the route by car.

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