La Toba - Casicas del río Segura - Anchuricas reservoir - Calar del Cobo

Time: Four hours.

From La Toba country estate, where there is a fountain, a recreational area and a forest house, we shall walk on down the road and soon we shal see on our right the Casicas del Río Segura on top of a rocky wall where we can accede along a steep road.

Then we shall come back along the steep road again to the right, parallel to the river Segura, which flows in this stretch very quick and savage to flow into the green waters of the Anchuricas´ reservoir.

The reservoir is small but very beautiful. Soon the river will continue its course and we shall follow it in order to reach a track to the left which leads to a limestoned quarry after having watched the agriculture, cattle and housing area.

The track, after having passed some orchards, arrives at a bank which comes down from the limestoned quarry and after crossing it starts to ascend winding towards the top, an irregular, rocky, arid grey plain. The highest top is southwards, 1,794 m. high.

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