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More fuel efficient motoring tips

Pushing a car
As the cost of fuel has increased, more and more drivers are looking at ways of cutting the costs of their everyday motoring – even with their holiday hire car. In a recent post, we looked at ways you can increase your fuel efficiency by making small changes to your driving style. Here we explore a few other ways you can keep fuel costs down by making your car a little more efficient.

Staying safe and secure with

Stealing a Car
Car crime is a problem for most major urban centres across the world, and sadly Malaga is no exception. You may be surprised to learn that while focusing on getting their holidays off to a good and quick start, many people forget to take the same security measures that they would at home. Crime figures for Spain as a whole are relatively low compared to many other European countries, and our roads are also very safe; but car crime does happen, and with so many visitors to Malaga, especially in the height of summer, tourists can be an easy target.