Restaurants in Malaga awarded by the Repsol Guide 2024

Discover all the restaurants in Malaga and the province awarded by the Repsol Guide. We see it in detail below and we present all the restaurants in Malaga province that this year have obtained one of these distinctions. This year there are 21 restaurants with Suns in the Repsol Guide 2024, two more than in the last edition.

By the way, there may be restaurants that have both Repsol Suns and Michelin stars. If you are interested, in this link you will find all the Michelin Star Restaurants in Malaga.

What are Repsol Suns and how are they awarded?

Soles Repsol Málaga

Similar to the Michelin Stars, the Spanish Repsol Guide also awards national distinctions to the best restaurants.

These are divided into four categories of restaurants based on various factors, from the quality of the food to the overall customer experience.

The “Suns” classify and reward haute cuisine dishes, and they are only for restaurants, so their dishes are not cheap.

In addition, “Soletes” are awarded and there are also “Recommendations”. We look at them below.

What is a 1 Sun Repsol Guide?

This is an establishment you would like to return to and would recommend to a good friend. They are restaurants that stand out for a good quality of products and wines and good service.

In fact, there are several “1 Sun” that have also been awarded a Michelin star, so a very good gastronomic experience awaits you.

What is a 2 Suns Repsol Guide?

An outstanding haute cuisine culinary experience, using the best raw materials and impeccable service. Its equivalent is 2 Michelin stars.

What is a 3 Suns Repsol Guide?

The highest distinction awarded to a restaurant, equivalent to 3 Michelin stars. For chefs who elevate cooking to the category of art, with the best raw materials and an exceptional wine cellar. The heaven of gastronomy.

In Malaga there is currently no restaurant that has achieved 3 Repsol Suns (or 3 Michelin Stars).

What is a “Solete” Repsol Guide?

Unlike the “Suns” that mark a certain exclusivity, the “Soletes (small sun)” could be defined as places that we all like and within reach of any pocket.

It includes a whole range of places: Restaurants and menu of the day, bars, taverns and bars, cafeterias, pastry shops and ice cream parlours, wine bars, wineries or cider houses, fast food or beach bars and terraces.

Their common denominator is that they are more ‘casual’ and affordable businesses.

What is a “Recommended” Repsol Guide?

Finally, there are the “Recommended”. Establishments in Malaga who stand out for their good work.

They still do not reach the category of “Solete”. But they are undoubtedly a good place to have a drink and discover the delicious gastronomy of Malaga and its people, at street level.

Restaurants with Suns in Malaga

This year there are 6 restaurants in Malaga distinguished with 2 Suns, 15 establishments with 1 Sun.

Restaurants with 2 Suns in Malaga

The Restaurants with 2 Suns in Malaga this year, are partly the same ones that also received Michelin stars:

El Lago in Marbella, José Carlos García at Pier One in Malaga, Kaleja in Malaga, Los Marinos José and Sollo, both in Fuengirola and Bardal in Ronda.

Bardal Ronda, Restaurants Malaga Repsol Guide
Bardal in Ronda, with 2 Repsol Suns and 2 Michelin stars

Restaurants with 1 Sun in Malaga

In addition to the outstanding restaurants with two Suns, there are also other restaurants with 1 Sun in Malaga that also deserve mention due to their high cuisine and chefs also awarded with Michelin stars:


Leña Marbella and Lobito de Mar (Dani García), Kava, Messina (Mauricio Giovanini), La Milla y Ta-Kumi. New this year is Areia.

Bibo Marbella, Restaurants Malaga Repsol Guide
Bibo Marbella


La Cosmopolita (Dani Carnero), Cávala and Godoy, as well as Ta-Kumi. New this year is Palodú.

Furthermore, there are Arte de Cozina in Antequera, Don Giovanni and Rei at Finca Cortesín in Casares.

Restaurantes Repsol Malaga
Rei, Finca Cortesín

Establishments with “Solete” in Malaga

Currently there are almost 70 establishments in Malaga with “Solete.

Most of them are restaurants. But there are also inns, vegan, as well as beach bars and terraces, bars and taverns, ice cream parlours, cafeterias, wine bars and wineries.

So it is worth taking a look to discover the “most popular” places in Malaga.

Sonora beach
Sonora Beach in Estepona is one of the Beach Bars in Malaga with “Solete”

One of those “Soletes” is El Pimpi, in the heart of Malaga, without a doubt an essential visit when you are in Malaga.

It is one of the most popular wineries in the city, located in the heart of the old town. Along with its charming location and good cuisine, what makes El Pimpi unique is that since its inception it has been a meeting point for celebrities.

el Pimpi, Restaurants Malaga Repsol Guide
Terrace of El Pimpi in front of the Alcazaba

Recommended establishments in Malaga

Currently the list already contains more than 30 recommended places in Malaga, all of them restaurants. Here you find the full list.

Our gastronomic recommendations in Malaga

In case you didn’t know it, we invite you to take a look at our extensive Guide to the Costa del Sol.

Every week we add new articles of interest related to tourism in our beautiful province, with lots of tips and very complete information.

Costa del Sol Guide

And of course, since Malaga is one of the cradles of the Mediterranean diet, at the same time that it also combines international and fusion cuisine, you can imagine that the gastronomic offer in Malaga is vast.

In the section Gastronomy in Malaga you will find Michelin Star Restaurants, where to Dine on New Year’s Eve or Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants.

Surely you will find something appetizing and tasty!

Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Malaga

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