Healthy holidays in Malaga

Why choose the Costa del Sol for a healthy holiday?

Whatever you choose for your healthy holidays in Malaga: You can do it all year round.

Malaga’s climate is the best in Europe. Beaches for sunbathing in the middle of winter in Malaga and even take a dip if you dare.

Sea promenades for walking, cycling and jogging. Walk along the coastal path. Active tourism or adventure sports. Meditate in Buddhist centres. Discover white villages.

And last but not least, enjoy our tasty and well-balanced Mediterranean diet.

Hotels with Yoga in Malaga

 Hotels with Yoga in Malaga, healthy holidays Malaga
Photo Ikosresorts

If you don’t feel like doing a yoga retreat per se, the ideal is to stay in a hotel on the Costa del Sol that offers courses and Yoga by the hour, for example.

Basically, all the best hotels have interesting offers in this respect, many of them also offering detox diets. And if you combine this with a massage or two in their Spas, you’ll come back from your holiday as good as new!

Yoga on the beach in Malaga

The city also has many Yoga studios. Personally we can recommend the Yoga Centre Flow, which regularly offers individual Yoga classes on the beaches in the centre.

Yoga Sala Malaga also organises bigger events like this Yoga meeting at Plaza de la Merced open to everyone.

Yoga en Plaza de la Merced
Yoga at Plaza de la Merced

Hotels with Spas in Malaga

reserva higueron, healthy holidays Málaga
Spa at the Hotel Reserva del Higuerón in Fuengirola

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a 5-star hotel in Malaga to immerse yourself in the warm waters of a Spa and enjoy a massage or other relaxing and wellness treatments.

There is a huge range of Spas on the Costa del Sol to suit all budgets, which we present you in this link.

Although it is true that the quality experience will be much more exquisite if you opt for a Spa in a 4- or 5-star hotel. You won’t regret it.

Hammams in Malaga

In the heart of Malaga you will also find two Hammams.

The duration of the stay is usually around 2 hours and it is an ideal idea if you want to combine the city, walks, tapas or museums with a few hours of wellness, especially in winter.

Hammam Al Andalus

Hammam Al Ándalus Málaga
The most luxurious Arabian baths out of a dream of a thousand and one nights are located at Hamman Al Andalus.

For this hammam you only need to bring a swimming costume or bikini, everything else is provided at the hammam.

hammam al andalus

This place is visually opulent with several warm water pools and is certainly a delight. Be warned though, it is more touristy and therefore the prices are higher.

Hammam Open Space & Spa

Our favourite is undoubtedly another, the Hammam Open Space & Spa, tucked away in the narrow streets of the old town where tourists rarely get lost.

Hammam Open Space & Spa
This is a more typical hammam, with a warm room and no pool. It offers a wide range of massages and beauty treatments.

And the nicest thing, when you finish, they give you a glass of cava that you can enjoy on the roof terrace. You don’t have to bring anything from home, disposable flip-flops, sarong and towel are included.

Health Resorts in Malaga

The “next level of wellness” can be found in the health resorts (Balneario) in Malaga.

Located in places with natural thermal springs and with many medicinal properties. These resorts are ideal for a weekend getaway as well as for a small detox cure of several days.

Balneario in Tolox

Balneario Tolox, healthy holidays Malaga
The Tolox Resort is one of the oldest in the province, located in the heart of the Sierra de la Nieves mountain range.

It is the only one in Spain that specialises exclusively in the respiratory system, as its waters release gas that can be inhaled.

Balneario in Carratraca

Balneario Carratraca, healthy holidays Malaga
Another of the oldest resorts in Malaga is located in Carratraca. Its mineral-medicinal waters come from a natural spring in a privileged natural enclave.

This spa is managed by the 5* hotel Villa Padierna Termas, therefore, its facilities are simply spectacular.

Balneario in Alhama de Granada

Balneario Alhama de Granada
This resort already belongs to the province of Granada, but due to its proximity we include it here as well.

Approximately an hour’s drive from Malaga, it is one of the best spas in the area.

Detox Clinics in Malaga

Buchinger Clinic Marbella

Buchinger clinic Marbella, healthy holidays Malaga
Photo elconfidencial

The Buchinger Clinic is probably the great classic and pioneer among the detox clinics on the Costa del Sol.

The renowned Marbella-based clinic offers its guests a comprehensive programme with a wide range of sporting, cultural, artistic, relaxing, medical and therapeutic activities.

Cosmetic clinics in Malaga
Photo Freepic

Both in Malaga and Marbella there are a number of excellent aesthetic clinics, if you want to take advantage of your stay on the Costa del Sol to recover afterwards in the best climate by the sea.

Yoga Retreats in Malaga

Yoga Retreats in Malaga, healthy holidays Malaga
If there is one place in Europe where you can really enjoy a Yoga retreat all year round, it is Malaga. The mild climate allows you to enjoy outdoor activities which gives it a totally different quality.

The Yoga retreat centres are all very beautiful places located in the middle of nature. Generally, the retreats are mostly 6-day retreats with vegetarian food. Many of them get their food from organic farming or from their own garden.

There is a wide range of beautiful retreat houses with all kinds of activities and for all budgets. So we cannot make an exhaustive list.

Casa rural Ahora

Casa rural Ahora
Retreat house with many Yoga, Dance, Meditation or Detox retreats.

It also offers Coaching, Psychotherapy, Gestalt, Biodanza, Craniosacral Therapy, Rebirthing, Breath and Voice, Singing, Vegetarian Cooking, Tantra and Shamanism, Reiki, Art Therapy, Conscious Breathing, Body Expression Techniques, and many other workshops for personal growth and development.

Santillan Retreat

Santillan Retreat
Located just 35 minutes from Malaga airport, the Santillan Retreat and Wellness Centre is a spacious Andalusian farmhouse with gardens overlooking its own valley and the Mediterranean Sea.

It has three spacious, exclusively designed and fully equipped yoga rooms, two indoor and a new outdoor Garden Room.

Culinary retreats in Malaga

Yes, this is also possible. And even more so in Malaga, with its enormous wealth of fruit and vegetables all year round. Here are some of the best rated.

Finca La Donaira

Finca La Donaira
Photo Horizonnoueaux

It is an eco-retreat, with organic vegetable garden and equestrian centre with Lusitano horse breeding at an altitude of 1,000 metres.

Guests can visit the medicinal garden, farm and organic orchards, be a farmer for a few days, meditate in one of the few bee beds in the world, go trekking, paragliding and cycling.

Or simply lie in the shade of a 700 year old holm oak tree and enjoy the peace and views of the Andalusian pastureland. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

LA Organic

LA Organic
This farm in the middle of nature in Ronda specialises in the organic and traditional production of olive oil.

You can practice yoga and meditation in the open air, bird watching, picnics among the olive trees and pick vegetables from the orchard to cook or prepare your own olive oil.

Buddhist centres in Malaga

buddhist temples in malaga

We have dedicated an entire article to the Buddhist centres in Malaga and in our beautiful sister province, Granada.

Whether you want to see the largest stupa in the west located in Benalmadena and meditate in it or if you fancy a retreat or an introduction to Buddhist practices, don’t miss this interesting article with everything you need to know.

Back home: Cooking Malaga recipes

As mentioned before, the province of Malaga is almost the holy land of the Mediterranean diet.

 Mediterranean diet

We are sure that during your stay here you will have tasted some tasty Malaga dishes.

And maybe you miss your holidays and you feel like cooking at home to revive this memory.

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