Algeciras' Fair

The history of the Algeciras fair dates back to June 1850, being at first a fair orientated to the cattle just as the vast majority of the fairs in Andalusia. This first fair of Algeciras was celebrated with horse races, music concerts and of course the exhibition of the cattle of the entire countryside of Gibraltar, as well as the chance to buy furniture, food and forge amongst other things.

The fair was well-known all over the region which was why the provisional fairgrounds ended up becoming fixed medium sized huts, they also built a bullring which was later on demolished in the year 1976 to be transferred to the fair’s new location.

In 1969, the fair of Algeciras ended up being transferred to a waste ground on the outskirts of the village, between the Malaga road and the city’s ring road to be precise, right by 'Las Colinas'. As well as the fair, they also moved the bullring, the reason being the pressure of the urban development that it suffered in its previous location, although it wasn’t long before the houses began to surround the new location, settling the fairground inside the city as it is today.

The fair of Algeciras is celebrated during 9 days and is divided into 2 areas, a lower part where we’ll find the 72 fair huts and the upper part where all the rides and fast food stands are situated.

How to get to Algeciras

The fair of Algeciras is a great event that you simply must experience, if you wish to get there by car you can take the AP-7 road, after passing by Marbella, La Linea and San Roque, you’ll end up in Algeciras very easily. If you happen to need a vehicle you can check out our prices for car hire Malaga, we also offer GPS for all our rental cars and other extras.

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