3 Reasons to Hire a Convertible in Malaga

We’re going to give you some very good reasons to hire a convertible in Malaga, plus some useful tips for driving it, so read on!

Are you thinking about hiring a convertible in Malaga? Enjoying Malaga, its beaches and landscapes sounds great, but doing it while driving a Cabrio sounds even better.

Plus, the good news: Due to the mild climate in Malaga, you can enjoy open-air driving practically all year round.

Is there a difference between cabrio and convertible?

Nowadays, there are different names for this type of car, but its still the same car type.

Classically Cabrios are in high demand in the high season, so if you want to drive a convertible you should book well in advance.

But as we mentioned before, here in Malaga we have the ideal weather to enjoy these cars all year round.

Reasons to Hire a Convertible in Malaga

If you’re planning a trip to Malaga, there’s no better way to tour the Costa del Sol than in a convertible. Here are 3 reasons to hire a convertible in Malaga.

Driving is much more fun

convertible hire Malagacar
MINI cabrio in Marbella, courtesy of our customer

It´s not the same driving a small or family car to take you to locations or renting a convertible in Malaga.

The sense of freedom that gives you the sound of wind when not being enclosed will make you want to bring your convertible even to buy gum at the corner kiosk.

Ideal for photography lovers

Mini cabrio hire Malagacar.com
Heading towards Nerja. Photo courtesy of our client

Are you passionate about photography? You need a convertible. While your partner or friend drives you can take plenty of pictures and videos of Andalusia, whose roads offer some of the most breath-taking views of Spain.

Also, by not having bodywork elements that reduce your visibility, you can make incredible panoramic pics and even 360º videos.

You’ll feel like a star

Hire Convertible Malaga

No matter the type of convertible: new, old, long, small; as one passes by, no one can resist watching it with a face of “someday I’ll have a convertible.” If you want to take it to another level, take a tour of Puerto Banus, probably you´ll show up in the Facebook wall of some tourists.

You still have doubts? Check out the new models we offer at MalagaCar.com and choose the one you like most.

Models available this year

At Malagacar.com we can offer you a wide range of convertibles.

From more economical convertible models like the small and fun Fiat 500. An ideal car for the city, but also for excursions for two (but we have also already seen 4 big men with their golf clubs!).

You also have the option of a 4-door Cabrio with a sportier character: the Volkswagen T Roc with four homologated seats and 280 litres of luggage space.

Whichever model you choose, it’s fun on the road and in the city. Discover them all below.

Group SA - Fiat 500 Cabrio
Group SA – Fiat 500C Cabrio
Group SE - Mini One Cabrio
Group SE – Mini One Cabrio
Group SB - Fiat 500 Cabrio Auto
Group SB – Fiat 500C Cabrio Auto
Group SF - Mini Cabrio Auto
Group SF – Mini Cabrio Auto
Group SM - BMW Serie 2 Cabrio Auto
Group SO – BMW Serie 4 Cabrio Auto
Group SH – Volkswagen T-Roc Auto

Still have doubts? Take a look at the new models we offer at MalagaCar.com and choose the one you like best!

Why not drive a convertible on holiday?

convertible hire Malaga
Photo courtesy of our client

Driving a convertible is always a symbol of class, distinction and elegance. But even if you rent with us, Malagacar.com, a small convertible like a Fiat 500, the feeling of freedom is also unique.

Maybe you want to treat yourself. Maybe there is a special occasion such as a wedding celebration or a getaway with your partner.

Would you like to rent a convertible with fully comprehensive insurance without excess?

At Malagacar.com we not only offer you some of the best models on the market, always in excellent condition.

We also give you the possibility of including comprehensive insurance without excess. In other words, an extension of the insurance cover so that you are fully covered for damage caused by accident or theft.

convertible hire Malaga
Photo courtesy of our client

Book online, pay on arrival

If you have never rented a car with us, Malagacar.com, you can rest assured. It is an extremely easy and transparent process.

You book online, receive a confirmation voucher for the hire car, in this case your Cabrio, and pay on arrival at our office. No hidden extras – something we pride ourselves on.

Tips to get the most out of your convertible in Malaga

Mini cabrio Malagacar.com
Through the streets of Torre del Mar. Photo courtesy of our client

Solar radiation

Keep in mind that here in Malaga the solar radiation is very strong during a good part of the year. So, the central hours of the summer are not the best time to remove the top.

If you do so, we advise you to drive with a hat and sunscreen to protect you from UV rays.

Space in a convertible

Always bear in mind that a convertible has much more limited space, as part of the boot is used to store the soft top.

Most convertibles are designed to travel with fairly light luggage. It is therefore necessary to optimise the cargo space and to take into account that many Cabrios have only four seats.

How to drive a convertible

Driving a convertible requires no special knowledge. They are basically all the same as their closed version.

If you are travelling with passengers in the rear seats, be aware that they receive more wind turbulence than in the front seats. In other words, if you merrily travel a long stretch on the motorway with the soft top off, the journey may become a nightmare for them.

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