Hiking from Nacimiento and Alboloduy

Nacimiento and Alboloduy are municipalities in the Alpujarra region of Almería, known for their delicious local cuisine, especially their meats and sausages. These towns are situated near the northeastern side of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, offering a gateway to some of the most scenic hiking trails in the area.

In Alboloduy, several hiking trails allow you to explore the region's natural beauty:

Route of Rambla de los Yesos from Alboloduy

This route runs parallel to the river Nacimiento and includes a stop at the Salto del Caballo recreation area, where hikers can rest. It's a circular, low-difficulty path of about 14 kilometres, taking around 4 hours to complete.

Caballo Route

A shorter, low-difficulty route of only 4 km round trip, taking approximately two hours. This trail can be combined with the Route of Rambla de los Yesos for those seeking a longer hike.

From Nacimiento, you can embark on routes like:

Aguadero Route

This circular route starts at the recreational area of Nacimiento and covers a distance of approximately 18 kilometres. With a medium difficulty level, it takes a little more than 6 hours to complete, offering a rewarding challenge for hikers.

Both Nacimiento and Alboloduy offer diverse hiking experiences, from gentle walks to more strenuous treks, allowing visitors to fully engage with the stunning landscapes of the Alpujarra region.

More hiking routes

You can find more hiking routes from Alboloduy here: https://www.wikiloc.com/trails/hiking/spain/andalusia/alboloduy

And from Nacimiento here: https://www.wikiloc.com/trails/hiking/spain/andalusia/nacimiento

From Nacimiento to Alboloduy

Walking down the river course of Nacimiento and leaving behind the municipality of the same name you´ll find a route with many natural sources and old abandoned mills which will take you to Alboloduy.

How to get to Nacimiento and Alboloduy

To get by car from Malaga to Nacimiento or Alboloduy, take the motorway A-92 towards Granada, which will take you directly to both municipalities. Alternatively, take the coastal road towards Motril, though this route will take about an hour longer.

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