La Ragua Mountain Pass to the Chullo

Puerto de la Ragua is a mountain pass located between the provinces of Granada and Almeria. It's a popular spot for skiing, hiking, and cycling among many other sports.

The road access is challenging due to its narrowness, but it rewards those who venture to this place with great scenic beauty. This mountain pass is commonly used by those who want to cross Sierra Nevada from the coast of Almeria and Granada. One of the hiking destinations you can access from Puerto de la Ragua is El Chullo, the highest peak of Almeria. The route is of little difficulty and starts just behind the refuge. Be well equipped during the winter because the presence of ice can make it slippery.

How to Get to Puerto de la Ragua

Located in Sierra Nevada National Park, this natural mountain pass at 2000 metres height is the passageway between the coast and inland.

The most scenic route is the one that runs along the coast. To get there, you should drive towards Motril from Malaga and go through Adra just before taking the north direction along the A-347 towards Picena.

More About Puerto de la Ragua

Puerto de la Ragua is situated at 2,041 metres above sea level in Sierra Nevada in Ferreira. It's located on a secondary network route between the provinces of Granada and Almeria, Spain. In its vicinity, there is sports and leisure equipment, including a recreational station and cross-country skiing.

The fauna includes finches, coalmen, jays, common blackbird, and wood pigeons. Also, butterflies such as the Ortiguera (Aglais urticae). There are also foxes, weasels, genets, badgers, wild boars, snow voles and common voles, and mountain goats.

The Puerto de la Ragua has been a passage for transhumant livestock from the winter pastures of Dalías to the summer pastures of the Puerto de la Ragua since Roman times.

More About El Chullo

El Chullo is the highest peak in the province of Almeria, with an altitude of 2612 meters above sea level. It is integrated into the Penibética mountain range, specifically in Sierra Nevada, which is part of the national park. It is a rounded summit without steep reliefs, easily accessible from any of its faces. It overlooks the west over the Puerto de la Ragua, on the divide between the provinces of Almeria and Granada. Administratively, it is on the border of the municipalities of Bayárcal (Almeria) and Dólar (Granada).

Visiting Tips

Remember to bring appropriate clothing and equipment for the mountain climate and conditions. In winter, ice can make the paths slippery, so it's important to wear suitable footwear and be careful. Also, it's always a good idea to bring water and snacks, and let someone know your itinerary before you set out.

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