Mini-Hollywood - Cerro del Oro - Baños de Sierra Alhamilla

Embark on a journey through time and terrain, starting with the cinematic landscapes of Mini-Hollywood, also known as Oasys Theme Park. This iconic location, nestled in Europe's only desert, has been the backdrop for legendary Spaghetti Westerns such as 'A Fistful of Dollars' and 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly'. Experience live cowboy shows, explore authentic Western movie sets, and immerse yourself in the golden era of Western films at this unique attraction

Starting Point: Tabernas Desert

Time: Four hours.

Our adventure begins in the Tabernas Desert, a unique landscape that has captured the imagination of filmmakers and adventurers alike. Known as the only desert in Europe, it has served as the setting for many classic western films. The stark beauty of its arid terrain, with sun-baked ravines and dramatic rock formations, offers a sense of isolation and adventure that's hard to find elsewhere.

The journey starts on a path that winds its way towards the Colativi transmitter. This route is not just a walk but a historical exploration, as it takes us through areas that have been featured in iconic movies. As we follow the trail, we'll be walking in the footsteps of movie legends, surrounded by the same landscapes that have been immortalized on the silver screen.

The trek is designed to be immersive, allowing ample time to appreciate the desert's cinematic history and natural splendor. As we progress, the desert reveals its secrets, from the resilient flora and fauna that have adapted to this harsh environment to the remnants of old movie sets that hint at the area's glamorous past.

The Colativi transmitter, our initial landmark, stands as a beacon in the desert, guiding us through the vast expanse. Reaching it is an achievement in itself, marking the first milestone of our trek and offering a vantage point to view the desert's grandeur. From here, the journey continues, promising more discoveries and the enduring allure of the Tabernas Desert.

The Ascent Through the Desert

Ascending through the arid expanse, we delve into the heart of Europe's only desert. With each step, we're greeted by vistas of unparalleled uniqueness and stark beauty. The Tabernas Desert, a landscape carved by natural forces over millions of years, resembles the surface of the moon with its wind-swept crags and ancient river beds now visible as badlands. This unique environment is a thriving ecosystem and a protected nature reserve, housing a variety of flora and fauna that have adapted to survive in this challenging environment.

The climate here is shaped by the surrounding mountain ranges, casting a rain shadow over the area and contributing to its warm, semi-arid conditions. With less than 250 mm of annual rainfall and an abundance of sunshine, the desert's climate varies across different elevations, from arid lowlands to Mediterranean highlands.

As we continue our ascent, the desert reveals its secrets. Rare plants bloom in winter, adding a splash of color to the otherwise monochrome landscape. The journey is not just a physical challenge but a visual spectacle, with panoramic views that include historical movie sets from classic westerns and the remnants of ancient fortifications, offering a glimpse into the past and the stories that shaped this land.

Summit: Cerro del Oro

Upon reaching the summit of Cerro del Oro, a breathtaking 360-degree panorama greets us. The vast Tabernas countryside stretches out like a natural tapestry, dotted with the remnants of gold mining history that once thrived here. The arid beauty of the desert, contrasted with the lush greenery of the distant sierras, creates a visual spectacle that's both stark and stunning.

The Almerian coast, with its sparkling blue waters, lies on the horizon, inviting us to marvel at the Mediterranean's timeless allure. It's here, at this elevated vantage point, that we truly appreciate the convergence of different worlds - the rugged desert and the tranquil sea.

As we prepare to begin our descent towards the south, we take a moment to absorb the serene silence and the sense of solitude that Cerro del Oro offers. The descent promises new perspectives and the continued discovery of Almería's diverse landscapes.

Descent to Baños de Sierra Alhamilla

As we leave the well-trodden paths behind, our descent takes us towards the enchanting Barranco del Rey. This natural corridor, carved by ancient water flows, guides us through a landscape where the whispers of history and nature converge. The terrain becomes a mosaic of rocky outcrops and soft earth, a testament to the geological diversity that defines this region.

Our path meanders, and with each turn, the anticipation builds for the sight of the Baños de Sierra Alhamilla. Nestled at the base of the imposing cliffs, these thermal baths are a sanctuary of tranquility. The warm, mineral-rich waters have soothed weary travelers for centuries, offering a restorative end to our journey. Here, at our final destination, the fusion of natural beauty and historical significance creates an atmosphere of peaceful reflection.

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Map of the area

Driving is the most direct way to reach the Tabernas Desert from Málaga. The distance is about 137.5 miles (221 km) and the drive usually takes about 2 hours and 25 minutes, depending on traffic

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