Fuente de Piedra

This municipality of the province of Malaga is situated in the Antequera region and 73 kilometres away from Malaga. Nearby is the famous Fuente de Piedra (Stone Fountain) Natural Reserve, of an important ecological interest.


The area has had villagers since the prehistoric period and continued to be occupied by the Phoenicians and Romans who attributed divine medicinal properties to the waters of the fountain. Apparently the Romans hunted the flamingos of the area to prepare some of their dishes.

The Arabs dominated this place until the arrival of the Christian armies in the year 1461, and was abandoned as from that year until Antequera decided to make use of its waters for the sick people who approached the fountain to drink its water in 1547.

From the 16th century until the early 19th century there was a great crisis that, together with the constant droughts of the fountain, caused the expansion of plagues due to the vapours of the stagnant waters, so they decided to bury the fountain in 1959 until in 1983 they unburied it and passed on to forming part of the municipality of Fuente de Piedra’s symbol.

The lagoon of Fuente de Piedra was exploited for its salinity between 1930 and 1951 and they once again went out hunting for flamingos as they thought that in some way they avoided the crystallisation of the salt. In 1981 the lagoon was purchased and declared a Natural Reserve by the Andalusian government.

Tourism in Fuente de Piedra

The Lagoon of Fuente de Piedra of saline waters concentrates the largest colony of flamingos in the peninsula and the best season to observe them is in the mornings of the spring period.

In this municipality the olive oil and the flour that they produce is very popular, its gastronomy is very well valued too, and amongst its typical dishes one will find the ‘gazpacho’, the Antequera-style ‘porra’ and the ‘migas’.

This cold soup is made with tomatoes, peppers, garlic, olive oil and bread. It’s a very recommended dish, specially in summer as it’s very refreshing.

It’s very similar to the gazpacho but a bit thicker and is normally served with dices of cured ham or tuna and hard-boiled egg.

Made with hard bread crumbs and water, and can be accompanied with chorizo (spicy Spanish sausage), melon or other products.

How to get there

Fuente de Piedra is located an hour away from the centre of Malaga if we use the A-92 road. You can see the route that we have chosen on the map below, if you need it you can hire a car with GPS in Malaga to avoid getting lost and be able to plan your route ahead.

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